From this course, I learned how to identify numerous literary elements, techniques, and terms. I learned their proper definitions, how to utilize them, and also how to deviate from them in my own writing. I have learned how to apply these ideas not only to texts we’ve discusses, but other texts and even other forms of media. I’ve already applied Manfred Jahn’s theory of narratology to texts and media outside of this course and hope to continue doing so since it provides me with a better understanding of almost any form of art.

I strongly believe that you wanted us, as students, to understand the importance of focalization, narrative levels, time analysis, narrative discourse, and how to identify the experimentation of a narrative. However, I think the most important thing that you wanted us to know how to use less “to be” verbs in our own writing. At first, I honestly thought that I’d fail this challenge, but of course with practice, it became much easier. Reducing the use of “to be” verbs has definitely improved my writing and its overall flow… At least, I’d like to think it has.

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