The Goonies: Motivation!

December 11, 2011

In the film, The Goonies, the protagonists, a group of children, are motivated to find a way to save their homes from being foreclosed by the father of their enemy, Troy Perkins. They fear being separated and fear that their parents do not have the means to protect themselves from this fate. As a result, they embark on an adventure to find a lost treasure in order to raise the funds needed to prevent their homes from being taken away. The changes in the economic situation and what one may even consider to be social causes prompt the group to seek alternative solutions to their dilemma. Their efforts clearly embody the qualities of what Ardila argues to be political psychology.

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One Response to “The Goonies: Motivation!”

  1.   vnaraine said:

    I like your connection with the Goonies, it shows the theme of journey and motivation within the novels we have read for class. Every one of the characters are motivated towards something and they keep pushing forward to seek a better foundation. This also parallels to Omaha’s economic decisons and connections with Winnifred, he sees her as stable economically which puts him into a difficult situation.

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