The music video “Prayer Of The Refugee” by Rise Against depicts the realities of exploited manual laborers. The workers, namely minorities, children, and women, manufacture goods that become available later in American stores. The final moments of the video reveal two possible realities, that all of the products were made in America or were made in foreign countries and only claim to be made in America. Either interpretation easily prompts viewers to reconsider and address such realities. For example, viewers are inclined to think about the process of manufactured goods and those who made them. Secondly, viewers are also urged to consider what life must be like for the laborers and their motivation for enduring the stress that their work encompasses. The video can therefore be related back to the political psychology that Ardila discusses in Political Psychology: The Latin American Perspective, because the laborers must obviously have reasons for taking on such jobs, whether it be resulting from political and social unrest or economic turmoil.

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2 Responses to “Rise Against – Prayer Of The Refugee”

  1.   hispanlit said:

    I like the way you not only used multiple art forms here, but you included an idea that links the two cultures. It’s a great point to see that even in various forms of media that Americans and the west in general are conscious of a lot of the burdensome conditions that minorities and immigrants alike have been forced to endure. This almost calls for the idea of the gaze, in a sense people are being judged, analyzed and considered in many different lights – and in this case, it’s sympathetic, and reasonably so.

    -Chris Colon

  2.   salvarez said:

    Jennifer, nice job, all 10 points this round. It was a pleasure having you in class this semester. I hope you learned a lot about writing. Best of luck in all your studies.

    Happy Holidays!

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