The trailer for the film, Coraline, establishes the two realities that the protagonist Coraline Jones travels between. The first reality we learn is that of her actual life, in which she is often unhappy because her parents do not pay enough attention to her. Sensing that Coraline yearned for acceptance and love, her other mother, essentially an alternate version of her own mother, lured her into an alternate reality in which her immediate dreams came true. Coraline, traveling back and forth between these two realities begins to realize that her other mother has other intentions and must decide which reality she wants to dominate her existence. The two realities can easily be related to Sesshu Foster’s Atomik Aztex, in which Zenzotli often finds himself struggling between his own existence between his two realities and which reality dominates over the other.

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  1.   agokhale said:

    “Coraline” is one of my favorite novels and films, so I really liked the connection you drew between the alternative realities in “Coraline” to those in “Atomik Aztex.” It is an interesting comparison because the two realities in “Coraline” are used to show Coraline’s development as a character and a person. When she learns the downsides of wish fulfillment after entering the alternative reality, she learns to appreciate the life and the parents she has. In “Atomik Aztex,” the alternative reality is much more all-encompassing, and while it reveals a lot about Zenzon as a character, it is also concerned with the world as a whole, and how it changes under certain circumstances.

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