Focalization in Atomik Aztex

November 15, 2011

In Narratology: A Guide to the Theory of Narrative, Manfred Jahn explains that a focalizer is “the agent whose point of view orients the narrative text” (Jahn N3.2.2). In essence, a focalizer is the voice of the narrator who tells the events of the narrative. In Sesshu Foster’s Atomik Aztex, the events of the story are presented by the homodiegetic narrator, Zenzotli. We learn from him that he lives in between the realities of his real life and his visions. From his own point of view, his visions are causing him to get “fucked in the head” and “are better than aspirin and cheaper” (Foster 3). Zenzotli’s visions are almost medicating, as he finds a sense of comfort, discovery, and reality in them. However, it is from another perspective that we learn that Zenzotli’s visions aren’t as medicating, but rather disruptive and alarming. Amoxhuah, awakens Zenzotli during a vision, to tell him that he was “‘mumbling things in your sleep, sir, stupid things, insensibilities, inanities, platitudes’” (Foster 59). Although Zenzotli believes that his visions are filled with a greater reality, fearless adventures, and medicating images, Amoxhuah simply claims that he understands them to be foolish, cliché absurdities.

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One Response to “Focalization in Atomik Aztex”

  1.   mkaur11 said:

    Jennifer i agree with you as to Zenzotli believing his visions are reality and him living between his real life and visions. When reading this book i some how was finding some connection with Don Quixote as to where he also was living in this imagined life of a Knight and Sancho Panzo was the one who kind of went along with his madness but time to time tried to bring back Don Quixote to reality just like Amoxhuah tried with Zenzotli.

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